Thanks for your interest in the Million Dollar Women Summit for high growth women entrepreneurs. Please fill out this short survey to apply for the Summit and tell us what YOU want to learn, so we can create massive acceleration for your business.
We will notify you within three weeks if you have been accepted to the Summit and will send you a link to register (apologies in advance that we can't accept all applicants! see criteria below).
The Summit is $499 to attend the main day on April 6th, and $599 to attend the half day on April 5th and the 6th.

$50 of the ticket fee goes to Million Dollar Women Summit, and the balance of the ticket price will be donated to our non-profit arm, Women Who Dare, with the mission of helping more women of color entrepreneurs raise capital and scale up.

We are looking for female founders who are:
- seeking to raise angel or venture capital in next 1-2 years
- making over $75k in revenues
- products, services, tech and health care companies
- in business 1-5 years to date
- scalable business model
- national or international distribution potential
- ambitions of "going big" (creating a multi-million dollar business)
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Register for the Summit and you will receive information on how to be considered for the Pitch Competition. Five Summit attendees will pitch to a panel of angel and VC seed investors.
Thanks for applying to the MDW Summit! We will get back to you soon. Once you have registered you can also apply for our pitch competition (instructions are on the Event Site).

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